8 The Family

It is not flesh and blood but the heart which makes us fathers and sons.  ~Johann Schiller

 This chapter was of special interest to me, particularly the Family in the United States Today section, becuase of how much I value my family. I grew up with a traditional family which suddenly became untradtional once my parents divorced. Despite living in different states, both my mother and father managed to successfully raise myself and my sister. Looking back, it made me aware that family cannot be easily defined by Mother/Father/Brother/Sister. Family is almost an emotion, like love.

With the advancement of gay marriage, the United States is facing a new wave of families never before seen. Who knows what new types of families may emerge in the future.

The Washington Post has an interesting article about the economic impact of today's modern families. It actually provides an opposite opinion supporting the dangers of non-traditional families on the economy. It's worth a read to see how some other people do not view non-traditional families as beneficial to society


This is a nice read about the advantages of today's modern "nuclear" families. It supports the notion of the positive effects it can have on society.

While my family has outgrown its usefulness, Parenting Magazine is a life-saver for those considering having, or do have young children. It frequently has articles about family and how everyone can play a part in its success.
Modern Family is one of my favorite television shows. Not only can I relate to a lot of issues that happen to the extended family, it is also a perfect example of the way American families have progressed. Only one of the three families would be considered "traditional", but all seem to work out the same despite different social challenges. This clip is one of the better family moments shared on the show.